”Pernilla has always sought after self-improvement and growth. Her personal journey has taken her around the world, both in the inner and outer landscapes. She fells just as home in New Zealand’s deeply grounding, vibrant nature as she does in the Andes high, mystical mountains, where she hiked for days and nights at over 500 meters elevation. She has digged deep into her most personal challenges and never hesitated to meet her deepest fears. Always prepared to do what it takes to continue forward. There is something special with her unique strength. It has carried her through life and made her spread out her wings, thrown herself into the unknown. Over and over again.”

”When you meet Pernilla, you instantly feel the exclusive environment she has created, a safe place where you feel seen and allowed to be your true self. Her professional and strong presence creates the possibility for you to go beyond roles and expectations, to instead fall in the authentic meeting with yourself. As a bonus, it is always just as close to a laugh, there is something special when all the layers are peeled of, the freeing humor is there like a warm hug to fall into.

Pernilla loves to make people grow and like themselves. Her clear and fearless gaze can see all it needs to see, in every case, to move forward or dare to stay and look within. And the whole time she walks beside you, guides and shows you the way, with an exceptional clarity and stability. Do you feel the winds of change grazing your back, but do not know where to start, let yourself be guided by Pernilla who will help you find the right path for you”