Kawita’s journey to Mexico with her mom and aunt in 1990 marked a significant step in her path to shamanism. Her visit to these religious destinations made her start asking important questions that eventually led her to shamanism and with it; she felt oneness and a strong sense of peace and empowerment.

After years of experience in marketing, shamanism came as a way to understand and speak to the need that resides in people’s hearts worldwide.

Because of the pressures, expectations, and challenges of our daily lives, most of us end up being blocked from the natural energies that allow us to reach our potential. You struggle with choosing yourself by satisfying what you think you need and ignoring what truly feeds your soul.

Today Kawita is on a mission to help individuals open a portal to self-actualization, improvement, growth, and energy healing.

From stress-related illnesses, burnout, and issues in the workplace to financial and emotional challenges in your daily life, Kawita exists to tap into your oneness and offer an energy cleansing that leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


Right from the beginning of her journey in life, Kawita has gone through drastic life changes. She was abandoned by her birth mother in Pakistan to a Swedish family in the summer of 1976 and moved to Sweden with her new family.

She was thrust into the lifestyle of an alcoholic musician father and an unhealthy, co-dependent relationship between herself and her adoptive parents. After being gaslighted by the adults in her family about her father’s addiction, she cut all ties with him at 18.

Soon after her father’s death, her mother began drinking too. After trying to help multiple times and getting no positive outcomes, she decided to choose herself and cut all ties with her mother too – which was one of the hardest things she’s ever done.

She’s living a life balanced with the cycle of life and death and walking a path without doubt and regret. Now, she’s living a life of healing, growth, and improvement after waking to her spiritual strength and following her heart.

Today Kawita lives and works in Marbella, Spain, with clients worldwide. Every day, she’s honored with the trust and responsibility placed on her and eternally thankful to be part of their journey.



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